From the Big City to the ‘Burbs by Marianne H.

My story actually began at my 1st divorce, not my fairy tale!

After my divorce, my 3yo son and I moved from the big city, my heart, out to suburbia…with my mom! UGH! Living day to day was like being a teenager all over again. I knew I had to get my own life, so I did.

I managed to move my son and I into the heart of a small town, which now has become one of my places of solitude. Little did I know that the married women had it out for me. They didn’t like a young, thin & single woman in their neighborhood. They had a plan, that I knew nothing about.

It started with cookie parties, wine parties and the like. This was to fatten me up. Then the sly comments of “your face is so pretty, you don’t need any make-up,” and “you should cut all your hair off, it’ll be easier to manage that way.” I had no clue they were trying to turn me into a troll!

Of course, the “I have a single brother, nephew, friend, co-worker” came along. These guys were like the creatures from the VERY black lagoon. So I took matters in my own hands, I placed a singles ad, yes, I did this. It was before and all that. These guys were the ones who attended to the creatures, named before.

Then, finally I met a guy who I picked out because me and my girlfriends, the single ones-who met in secret to avoid the married ones-had a bit too much wine, his name was Shannon and we couldn’t stop giggling! Guess what, I ended up marrying him!

So the “marrieds” were happier, still mad I didn’t gain too much weight, and so was my mom. But am I? It’s been 14 years, still married to Shannon, still making people think we’re a lesbian couple =) and still trying to figure out how I can blend into this weird place called suburbia.



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2 responses to “From the Big City to the ‘Burbs by Marianne H.

  1. I remember when we first moved to the suburbs from the city and we went to our neighbor’s bbq. There were a bunch of women sitting around talking about another mom who was in the hospital, had lost her memory, had a miscarriage, lost her husband, and a whole slew of other tragedies. I was aghast and asked if it was a friend of theirs. They said, “No, it’s Nicole from Days of Our Lives.” I calmly walked up to my husband and said, “WE. HAVE. MADE. A. TERRIBLE. MISTAKE.”

  2. I had to read that twice, first I thought you were a lesbian and was happy for you! Suburbia was a big change for me, too. I was the ultimate city girl, I am still in many ways, but I’ve learned to understand why we live here.

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