Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin by Sara B.

Parenting is hard work. My boys have grown into wonderful young men, but somewhere along the way I have grown into this older woman.

I still claim that my boys get older, yet I seem to stay the same age! This aging thing can really suck at times. At no point along the line did anyone inform me that I would be shaving my facial hair in my 40’s. In the same time frame that my boys were learning to shave their facial hair, their Mother was learning how to do the same thing! And really, why is it that I am now growing hair in places I never imagined and then I am losing hair where I need it?

From nose hairs to hairy ears, the facial hair does not seem to have any end in sight. And then there is the dreaded chin hair- oh yeah, I can give my 18 year old son a run for his money there. I have to shave daily and he can go a week in between shaves, what’s up with that?

And then to top it all off- I now have a mustache to go along with all that chin hair.

So- I guess my advice to all new Moms out there. Motherhood rocks, as I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. But, I am telling you this, that if you have sons, you might as well take shaving lessons right along side of them, because you will need to know how to do it!

Oh yeah, and then the thinning hair on top of my head- Yep, there is no end! I guess I will embrace all these wonderful hairy changes that go along with being a Mom. After All, I have gray hair from these two boys and I am sure they have brought on all these other issues too. Kids- you gotta love ’em!

note:  Sara writes the blog, All in An Iowa Mom’s Day. To read her blog, click here!



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2 responses to “Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin by Sara B.

  1. Sadly Sara, I am all to familiar with the sudden, post-40 sprouting of facial hair. It seems like it’s one of those necessary trade-offs…. bring children into the world and in exchange, grow a beard.

  2. Don’t tell me that! I am sure you are gorgeous – hairy and all.

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