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AreYouLost-07When I first got pregnant, I had visions of a beautifully kept home, perfectly prepared meals, and adoring children who slept all night.

Seriously, what Disney movie did I think I was starring in?

The reality of being a mom is certainly filled with love, joy, and wonder. But it’s also filled with messiness, sleeplessness, and often times, a loss of identity.  And cleaning wipes. Lots and lots of cleaning wipes.

The thing that saved me and helped me find my way back to “cool,” was a sense of humor and some really good friends who could relate to what I was going through. And now I want to reach out to other women who are going through the challenges of motherhood. That’s why I’m inviting you to share your stories and thoughts about learning to cope with the changes that have rocked your world, and how you found or are finding your way to the other side. With the launch of the “Are You Lost in Suburbia?” campaign, I want to bring together and nurture a community where women are empowered to share their experiences and the discovery that they are not alone.

Please use the form below to share your stories about motherhood and being “Lost in Suburbia.” 

I’ll be posting my favorites to the new “Lost in Suburbia Stories” blog, and featuring one each week on my main blog!

As moms, we are all somewhat Lost in Suburbia. It’s not just a geographical thing. It’s a state of mind. It’s about losing yourself in motherhood. One of the ways we find our way back is to connect with other moms who are lost, too” -Tracy Beckerman

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